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saturday 29 august 2015 |15:30|the hague | Garden nutshuis


starry night

Moritz Eggert Croatan 2

Frederic Rzewski Whimwhams

Steve Martland Starry Night


New European Ensemble

Konstantyn Napolov percussion

Rada Ovcharova violin

Maria Kousnetsova violin

Emlyn Stam viola

Anastasia Feruleva cello

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A colourful program with contrasting pieces for percussion and string quartet. The British composer Steve Martland was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting Starry Night and wrote a spectacular piece for percussion and string quartet as a tribute to the painter. The American composer, improvisor and pianist Frederic Rszewski wrote Whimwhams for marimba and string quartet as a set of short, improvised, introvert ideas. Mortiz Eggert is a German composer best known for his work on the opening ceremonies of the 2006 FIFA world cup. His works are eclectic and humorous.

New European Ensemble is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (from 2017) and the city of The Hague