5 November 2020 | 7:00 pm |
Bosch Requiem – November Music

In collaboration with the November Music Festival, the Muziekgebouw presents an annual brand-new death mass under the name Bosch Requiem, written by today’s most interesting composers. Rob Zuidam, Anthony Fiumara, Kate Moore and Calliope Tsoupaki preceded the Korean-Dutch Seung-Won Oh.

Life itself is enigmatic enough, but the mystery of death raises many more questions. When death knocks on the door, the process of passing away is surrounded by all sorts of mystical rituals. From the Tibetan Book of the Dead to the Catholic sacrament of the sick. The Korean Catholic Church has a tradition of its own: YeonDo. Before someone is buried, an inspirational group prayer takes place for the dead person. The Korean-Dutch composer Seung-Won Oh is fascinated by this unique death ritual that connects Korean funeral traditions with the Catholic faith in Korea. During the Yeondo ritual, for example, the dead person stays in purgatory until sins have been forgiven and the ascending can begin. The spirit is prepared for his journey to a new world, including a ceremonial meal. In her requiem YeonDo, Seung-Won Oh gives a new, contemporary interpretation of this time-honoured tradition.


Seung-Won Oh – YeonDo (world premiere)


Cappella Pratensis
New European Ensemble
Manoj Kamps – conductor
Helena Rasker – alto

Bosch Requiem – November Music
5 November 2020 | 7:00 pm