Below you will find the concerts of season 2023/2024.

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Sat 15 Jun '24
Dag van de Nederlandse componist
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Fri 6 Sep '24
Gaudeamus Muziekweek
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Sat 14 Sep '24
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Sat 14 Sep '24 - 16:30 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw, Grote Zaal
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Sat 14 Sep '24 - 20:15 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw, Grote Zaal
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Sun 15 Sep '24 - 20:15 Den Haag Amare, Conservatoriumzaal
Bruckner's Legacy
Attention Bruckner enthusiasts!

This year, experience the 200th anniversary of Bruckner’s birth together with New European Ensemble. Ten contemporary composers together compose ten brand new masterpieces, each inspired by one of Bruckner’s symphonies. NEuE presents two of these new enchanting works written by Seung-Won-Oh and Reze Navamar. The composers pay tribute to Bruckner’s ‘Romantic’ Fourth Symphony and his majestic Third Symphony.


Reza Namavar – Nieuw Werk (wereldpremière)
Seung Won Oh – Spiri I (wereldpremière)

New European Ensemble
Carlo Boccadoro, conductor
Koninklijk Conservatorium Ensemble Academy

Sat 21 Sep '24
Theater aan het Vrijthof
Henze Voices
Fri 4 Oct '24
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Fri 4 Oct '24 - 20:00 Den Haag Amare
Wed 22 Jan '25 - 20:00 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw
Celebrating Böhmer
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Wed 13 Nov '24
Leidse Salon
Grensvariaties by Martijn Padding.

Why are we inclined to draw such hard boundaries? Whether it concerns national borders, between us and them, between inside and outside, between the digital domain and ‘real’ life – physical and psychological borders play a prominent role in our consciousness. In the narrative performance Grensvariaties on music by Martijn Padding (1956), writer P.F. Thomése answers this question based on stories from his own family history and from his daily life. An intimate performance about a wide-ranging subject.

Felicia van den End, flute

James Meldrum, clarinet

Ryan Linham, trumpet

Astrid Haring, harp

Emlyn Stam, viola

P.F. Thomése, narration

New European Ensemble
Wed 5 Mar '25
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Wed 5 Mar '25 - 20:15 Utrecht TivoliVredenburg
Fri 7 Mar '25 - 00:00 Den Haag Nieuwe Kerk
Als ik Luister
Join us on an adventure of new music as only New European Ensemble brings!

In the concert series ‘Dwarsliggers’, New European Ensemble presents the stories of composers who go against the current. In ‘When I Listen’, discover the powerful compositions of Julius Eastman (1940-1990), imbued with political meaning and inspired by his experience as a gay, African-American artist. During this concert you will experience what he himself called organic music.

Author Glenn Helberg provides his insights into the complexity and diversity of our existence. There will also be new music by Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson; the African-American composer with roots in Oklahoma who found a home in Switzerland, explores the deep connection with African-American culture through his music.


Derrick Skye – American mirror
Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson – After
Julius Eastman – Gay Guerrilla

New European Ensemble
Glenn Helberg, host


Wed 9 Apr '25
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Wed 9 Apr '25 - 20:00 Utrecht TivoliVredenbirg
Thu 10 Apr '25 - 20:15 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw
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Fri 11 Apr '25 - 20:15 Den Haag Nieuwe Kerk
Schönberg 150
A tribute to 150-year-old innovator Schoenberg.

New European Ensemble celebrates Arnold Schoenberg’s 150th birthday and the ensemble’s fifteenth anniversary! Henk Guittart, former violist of the Schönberg Quartet, presents a fresh, new version of Schönberg’s Violin Concerto. Dutch composer Martijn Padding is inspired by Schönberg’s colorful expressionist paintings in a new work commissioned by NEuE. The program concludes with the Serenade op.24; the first work that the ensemble performed when it was founded in 2009. A celebration of contemporary music!

Arnold Schönberg Violin Concerto (arr. Henk Guittart)
Martijn Padding Ma vie en couleurs (world premiere)
Arnold Schoenberg Serenade op. 24

New European Ensemble
Maria Milstein violin

Sat 7 Jun '25
Den Haag
Seasonal Quartet: NEuE & Ali Smith
Four female composers write for NEuE.

A unique concert performance with readings from the novels Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter by Ali Smith, one of the greatest Scottish authors of our time. Every year, Smith wrote a new novel, highlighting contemporary themes such as ecology, migration, Brexit and more. NEuE has commissioned four female composers to create new ensemble works inspired by the novels. This unique mix of music and literature is presented in collaboration with the National Theater, where a matching theater performance will premiere with director Eric de Vroedt.


NTB – Herfst (wereldpremière)
Anna Thorvaldsdottir – Spectra
Alice Yeung – Winter (wereldpremière)
Peter Maxwell Davies – Een Treurpavane voor Deze Afgeleide Tijden
Seung Won Oh – Lente (wereldpremière)
Kinan Azmeh – Over Eenzaamheid
Sara Zamboni – Zomer (wereldpremière)