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Trailer 1984
New European Ensemble presents the premiere of the Dutch language film 1984 with Edward Snowden on Sunday March 21, 2021 at 23:05 on Netherlands NPO2 Extra. The film features actor Boris van der Ham and whistleblower Edward Snowden and is based on George Orwell’s classic novel. The Estonian composer Mihkel Kerem wrote a new ensemble piece based on the novel, which will be performed by the New European Ensemble in the film. The premiere of the English language version of the film with actor Joseph Thompson, will be on April 23 at 19:00 on A tour with performances in ...
Grensvariaties is een nieuwe muziektheatervoorstelling over fysieke, sociale en psychologische grenzen. De muziek is gecomponeerd door Martijn Padding en het libretto geschreven en voorgedragen door P.F. Thomése. Tijdens de uitvoering zit Thomése in het midden van het kleine vijfkoppige ensemble bestaande uit fluit, klarinet, trompet, harp en altviool. Humor speelt een sleutelrol bij het communiceren van de centrale boodschap van de voorstelling; dat het nader onderzoeken van grenzen de hardheid ervan doet vervagen. Grensvariaties is a new music theatre performance about physical, social and psychological boundaries. The music is composed by Martijn Padding and the libretto written and performed by P.F. ...
NEuE – live from our living rooms
The coronavirus / covid-19 illness that has emerged in the last few months has had a dramatic affect on all our lives and our entire society is in uncharted waters. For the New European Ensemble, this has meant that many performances have been cancelled due to restrictions put in place by Dutch Government. This has far reaching musical and financial implications for the ensemble’s musicians. The ensemble will continue to bring music into your homes at this time despite the fact that we can not perform for from our regular concert venues. In the coming weeks we will offer you ...
Sofia Gubaidulina – Repentance
Played and recorded at Svensk Musikvår in the Nathan Milstein Hall Stockholm. Willem Stam – cello Franz Halasz – guitar Jacob Kellermann – guitar Lucas Brar – guitar James Oesi – double bass Audio: Johan Blixt 19 March 2019
In conversation with…
On March 7th and 8th, the New European Ensemble presents a portrait of the Icelandic composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir. NEuE-members Felicia, Emlyn and James discuss and explore her music. ‘Her music really sounds like the landscapes of Iceland, her native country.’
Mark-Anthony Turnage on Romanian Rhapsody
‘I’ve never really written a piece like this before. It’s a very lyrical piece, almost filmic.’ Composer Mark-Anthony Turnage on his piece Romanian Rhapsody, that he wrote for the New European Ensemble and violinist Vlad Maistorovici, and was premiered on October 30th 2019.
Trailer Opera Melancholica
In January 2020 we premiered Opera Melancholica, an opera production of OPERA2DAY, including the Dutch premiere of The Fall of the House of Usher by Philip Glass. From January until March you can see Opera Melancholica (or: the anatomical theatre of the human mind) in more than 20 theaters in The Netherlands and Belgium.
Teaser Opera Melancholica
In January 2020 we will play another opera with our friends from OPERA2DAY. This time the Dutch premier from The Fall of the House of Usher from Philip Glass. From January until March in more than 20 theaters in The Netherlands and Belgium.
The Italian composer Carlo Boccadoro excells in groovy minimal music. The New European Ensemble performed his piece Zingiber on Dutch national television.
Schönberg: serenade, lied ohne worte
Schönberg’s Serenade is one of the core pieces on the New European Ensemble’s repertoire. A performance of this masterwork was broadcast live on Dutch and Swedish radio. Lied ohne Worte, one of the Serenade’s movements, was broadcast by the VPRO on Dutch national television.
Lam Lai: Fantasy on Reliquias porteñas
The New European Ensemble works closely together with the composition department of the The Hague’s Royal Conservatory. Students create new pieces for the ensemble in close collaboration with the musicians. Already in the preliminary stages of their work the composers can discuss their sketches and test if the sounds that they have imagined while writing their scores, can be realized in practice or improved. Lam Lai composed this witty fantasy on a classic milonga.