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The Italian composer Carlo Boccadoro excells in groovy minimal music. The New European Ensemble performed his piece Zingiber on Dutch national television.
Schönberg: serenade, lied ohne worte
Schönberg’s Serenade is one of the core pieces on the New European Ensemble’s repertoire. A performance of this masterwork was broadcast live on Dutch and Swedish radio. Lied ohne Worte, one of the Serenade’s movements, was broadcast by the VPRO on Dutch national television.
Lam Lai: Fantasy on Reliquias porteñas
The New European Ensemble works closely together with the composition department of the The Hague’s Royal Conservatory. Students create new pieces for the ensemble in close collaboration with the musicians. Already in the preliminary stages of their work the composers can discuss their sketches and test if the sounds that they have imagined while writing their scores, can be realized in practice or improved. Lam Lai composed this witty fantasy on a classic milonga.
Teaser Opera Melancholica
In January 2020 we will play another opera with our friends from OPERA2DAY. This time the Dutch premier from The Fall of the House of Usher from Philip Glass. From January until March in more than 20 theaters in The Netherlands and Belgium.