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September 3, 2014
Wednesday September 24th, 20:15 | Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ
AAA-series Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Stabat Mater

New European Ensemble
Björk Níelsdóttir

Carina Vinke alto
Rudmer de Vries tenor

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi Stabat Mater
Arvo Pärt Stabat Mater
John Tavener The Last Sleep of the Virgin
Henryk Górecki Genesis I

It is a long standing tradition in the Netherlands. At Easter time we visit en masse concerts with Bach’s St Matthew Passion. Even small villages host one or more performances with the participation of their local choirs. We tend to forget that in our time composers find inspiration in the Passion Week as well.

468 px Pergolesi&Paert.jpg

Next Easter we present a viable alternative during a tour in the Netherlands, a programme that we also perform in the context of the AAA-series of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, which next edition focuses on ‘The Sublime’. We play masterpieces by Gorecki and Tavener, with Arvo Pärt’s Stabat Mater from 1985 and the setting of the same poem that Pergolesi completed exactly 250 years earlier. Some eyebrows were raised when we proposed this combination. New music ensembles do not often perform early music as well. For us it feels completely natural. We feel assured by Stravinsky, who in his Poetics of Music has declared that ‘real tradition is not the relic of a past that is irretrievably gone; it is a living force that animates and informs the present.’



200 px descente-de-croix-van-der-weyden-dc3a9tail330x249-1.jpg


AAA-series Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Stabat Mater
New European Ensemble

Pärt | Pergolesi | Tavener | Gorecki
Wed Sep 24th | 20:15 | A’dam | Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ
June 13, 2014
Salon Branoul Musical/Literary Salons

The New European Ensemble presents Salon Branoul. Music combined with literature in four evenings at the atmospheric Theater Branoul in The Hague, on the third Tuesday of the month. Imaginative programmes will take you on a journey to discover how composers and writers have inspired each other throughout history. Dramatic actors will read both prose and poetry. Musicians will play music which is connected with the texts. These musical/literary salons are highly accessible, you pay what you want afterwards.


Tuesday June 17th, Theater Branoul, 21.00 – 22.00
Ramsey Nasr – Dichter en melomaan (in Dutch)

The actor Vincent Linthorst reads poetry by Ramsey Nasr (in Dutch).
Musicians from the New European Ensemble perform chamber music by Bach, Ravel en Dutillieux


The New European Ensemble’s final Salon Branoul of this season focuses on Ramsey Nasr. He is one of the best known poets from The Netherlands. As Dichter des vaderlands (poet of the nation) he became the conscience of the country. In NRC, one of the foremost Dutch national newspapers, he published inspired poems and essays to comment on some of the country’s most pressing social and political issues.

In this salon you will enjoy parts from his acclaimed cycle 27 Gedichten & Geen lied. In Ramsey Nasr’s poems music plays a prominent role. The poet is an almost manic music lover. Once he confessed on Facebook to have ordered more than eighty cd’s with classical music in one morning. In this programme we combine his poetry with music that is close to his heart.

The actor Vincent Lintorst will read the poems. Since 1998, after finishing his acting studies, he has been a member of Het Nationale Toneel. Recently he played in Het stenen bruidsbed, De storm and De prooi.






Salon Branoul

Musical/Literary Salons
Tue March 25th | 21:00 | The Hague | Theater Branoul
Bloemen van het Kwaad (in Dutch)

Tue April 15th | 21:00 | The Hague | Theater Branoul
Rondom Rilke (in Dutch)

Tue May 20th | 21:00 | The Hague | Theater Branoul
Joyce & Co – A Bloomsday Tribute

Tue June 17th | 21:00 | The Hague | Theater Branoul
Ramsey Nasr, dichter en melomaan (in Dutch)


May 28, 2014
Chamber Music in The Hague’s Nutshuis

Tuesday June 10th 2014, Nutshuis, 20.15
Wednesday June 11th 2014, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 12.30
And how are we Today?


Soloists from the New European Ensemble
Carina Vinke alto

Joey Roukens Mellow madman *
Michel van der Aa And how are we today? *
Magnus Lindberg Clarinet Quintet *
Krzystof Penderecki Clarinet Quartet
Toru Takemitsu Litany
Raymond Murray Schafer String Trio European premiere
* On the programme in Amsterdam (free lunch concert)


For the second year we present a chamber music series in The Hague’s Nutshuis during the summer months. In the opening concert And how are we today?  on June 10th eight musicians perform recent works.




During the opening concert eight musicians from the ensemble will perform contemporary chamber music. Virtuosity and humour are central to the first part of the programme. The Clarinet Quintet by our composer in residence Magnus Lindberg is a dazzling, driving, virtuosic piece, presenting enormous challenges for the performers. Michel van der Aa’s song cycle And how are we today? and Joey Roukens’s Mellow Madman are jazzy, theatrical and just downright funny.

After the interval we will present three introspective works. Toru Takemitsu's Litany is a meditative piano piece. Mahler and Shostakovich inspired both Penderecki’s dark Clarinet Quartet and Raymond Murray Schafer’s lyrical String Trio. We are proud to present the European premiere of the string trio.





Chamber Music
in The Hague’s Nutshuis

Tue June 10th | 20:15 | The Hague | Nutshuis
And how are we today? Pay what you want

Fri June 27th | 16:00 | The Hague | Nutshuis
Serenade Free entrance

Fri July 4th | 16:00 | The Hague | Nutshuis
Four is a company Free entrance

Fri July 11th | 16:00 | The Hague | Nutshuis
A garden of songs Free entrance


Magnus Lindberg
April 14, 2014


Magnus Lindberg
Composer in residence

This season Magnus Lindberg is composer in residence of the New European Ensemble. It is exciting and a privilege to work closely together with him. In November we kicked off our Lindberg Project in which we present his major masterworks for ensemble. In May 2014 he will travel to The Netherlands again to attend our rehearsals and concerts in Amsterdam and The Hague.

Magnus Lindberg, from Finland, is regarded as one of our time’s major composers. His compositions are performed by the world’s leading orchestras, ensembles and conductors. Lindberg’s music is superbly crafted, energetic, colourful and appeals to a broad audience.

New European Ensemble brochure-1.jpg

Lindberg Project
New European Ensemble
Christian Karlsen
15 May 2014 | 20:15 | Amsterdam | Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ
16 May 2014 | 20:30 | The Hague | Korzo Theater

The Lindberg Project has been made possible thanks to the
generous support of
April 12, 2014
NEuE in MADE Festival Umeå
7 – 10 May 2014












Artwork by Yoko Seyama

The New European Ensemble is one of the most prominent visiting groups during the prestigious MADE Festival in Umeå, this year’s European Capital of Culture. On May 7th we will present the world premiere ofSaiyah, a new piece by Benjamin Staern. It is his most substantial ensemble work to date, co-created with our principal conductor Christian Karlsen and multimedia artist Yoko Seyama. The starting point for Saiyah is the common language of Seyama's work with colours and Staern’s ability to see colours while he hears sounds. Yoko Seyama creates a choreography of mystical light sculptures, moving and changing the projected colors in captivating interaction with the music. The concert will be broadcast live on Swedish Radio P2.

Music and visual art will also merge in Nox Borealis (May 9th), an installation by Kaija Saariaho and composer/multimedia artist Jean-Baptiste Barrière, which is usually exhibited with the use of a pre-recorded soundtrack. For the first time the music for Nox Borealis will be performed live. The audience will lie down on mattresses surrounded by the musicians while the light installation projects colours onto the ceiling.

On the festival’s closing night on May 10th we will present works by Dutch and American composers. The evening’s main piece is Kate Moore’s Days and Nature for sound machine and large ensemble. The programme also includes music by John Adams and Louis Andriessen as well as a new version of Heiner Goebbels’ Faust im Wappen with David Moss as soloist.

New European Ensemble in MADE Festival
New European Ensemble
Christian Karlsen

Wed 7 May 2014 | 19:00 | Umeå | Norland Opera
Nox Borealis
Fri 9 May 2014 | 17.00, 17.30 & 18.00 | Umeå | Norland Opera
Days and Nature
Sat 10 May 2014 | 18:30 | Umeå | Concert Hall

The New European Ensemble was invited to join the MADE Festival by Föreningen Kammarmusik NU Stockholm. In partnership with Umeå European Capital for Culture 2014 and the Norrland Opera it presents a large programme exploring the relation between music and visual art during the festival, under Christian Karlsen’s artistic direction.

February 17, 2014
Sat March 15th 20.15, The Hague Nieuwe Kerk Dag in de brandingBr
Bruno Mantovani: La Morte Meditata Dutch premiere

Carina klein middelgroot.jpg


During festival Dag in de Branding we present the Dutch premiere of La Morte Meditata, an exciting and dramatic piece for alto and ensemble by the acclaimed French composer Bruno Mantovani. Regarded as one of his finest works, the piece is a setting of texts by Giuseppe Ungaretti, in which the famous Italian poet contemplates our transitory existence.

Mantovani chose the same instruments Arnold Schönberg used in his Suite, three clarinets, three strings and piano. Schönberg opted for this unusual combination after listening to 78's with jazz from the US, music that left a distinct mark on this invigorating and challenging piece that requires elaborate preparation by the musicians.

Schönberg developed his acute ear for instrumentation with the help of Mahler who practically adopted him as his protégé. We will perform Mahler’s unfinished Piano Quartet, this little gem makes us regret that Mahler did not compose more chamber music.

This concert program brings together three clarinetists and to showcase the occassion we have programmed Stravinsky’s Lullabies for a Cat, four witty nonensical children’s rhymes (scored for three clarinets and one singer).


150 px La Morte Meditata A5-01.jpgsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdghjgjfsdfs
La Morte Meditata
New European Ensemble
Christian Karlsen
Carina Vinke alto

Gustav Mahler Pianokwartet in a
Igor Stravinsky Berceuses du chat
Arnold Schönberg Suite op 29
Bruno Mantovani La Morte Meditata

Sat March 15th | 20:15 | The Hague | Nieuwe Kerk

Banner Dag in de Branding.jpg
February 4, 2014
14 – 16 February
White Crow Music Festival Leiden

Impressie White Crow.jpg


The New European Ensemble is one of the primary guests at the White Crow Music Festival. The bi-annual festival celebrates its third edition with three concerts in Leiden’s wonderful Museum of Antiquities. Hanna Shybayeva, pianist of our ensemble, is artistic leader.

The first concert, Liebe und Leben, features songs and chamber music of Schumann, Rachmaninov, Chopin, Gershwin and De Falla. In the second concert, Symphonic Intimacy, the three final movements of Mahler’s Third symphony are presented in an arrangement for piano quartet. The Collegium Musicum Chamber Choir performs the vocal parts. In the last concert, NEuE & NiCad, we continue our collaboration with NiCad, The Hague’s international rockband, to explode the boundaries between rock, contemporary and live electronic music.

White Crow Music Festival Leiden
14 – 16 February 2014 | all concerts start at 20:15 |
Leiden | Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden
NiCad & NEuE
November 6, 2013
NiCad & NEuE



We are excited to announce a new collaboration with NiCad, the International Rock Band from The Hague. At the State-X New Form Festival and at the third edition of the White Crow Music Festival we’ll present a show that transcends the boundaries between rock, contemporary and live electronic music.

Like our ensemble NiCad was formed by international students at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Their music has been described as ‘dynamic’, ‘out-of-the-box’ and ‘with lyrics that appeal straight to the heart’. For almost ten years now NiCad has performed and released cd albums to great critical acclaim. We are looking very much forward to join forces, since we both share the dream to present our audiences with new musical experiences.

NiCad & NEuE
NiCad and New European Ensemble
13 December 2013 | 20:00 | The Hague | Paard van Troje
State-X New Form Festival
More info/order tickets
16 februari 2014 | 20:15 | Leiden | Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden
White Crow Music Festival
More info/order tickets

Outside Time
March 21, 2013
Outside Time
– World premiere Klas Torstensson, Dutch premiere Benjamin Staern –
Thursday April 11th Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ
Friday April 12th The Hague Korzo Theater
Saturday April 13th Arnhem Musis Sacrum

The New European Ensemble presents the world premiere of Sieben mal sieben, a new work by Klas Torstensson written especially for the ensemble. He pays tribute to Arnold Schönberg’s Serenade by choosing the same seven instruments: clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, guitar and mandolin. Torstensson is one of the Netherlands' most prominent composers. In reviews his compositions are called 'spectacular', 'impressive' and 'stunningly beautiful'.

The young prize winning Swedish composer Benjamin Staern also uses the Serenade’s instrumentation in his Tranströmer Songs. This song cycle is based on poems from the collection The Sorrow Gondola by Nobel Prize winner Tomas Tranströmer. Staern evokes a subtle Italianate sound world with a distant reference to Paganini. It was the composer’s aim ‘to turn the drama and lyricism of Tranströmer's poetry into a music-drama without staging'.

The premiere of Schönberg's Serenade in 1923 took the Viennese world of classical music by surprise with its exotic instrumentation. The combination of instruments was however less unusual than it seemed. Schönberg took his inspiration from the so called Schrammelmusik, light entertainment music he heard in Viennese wine cellars and inns, performed by ensembles with winds, strings and plucked instruments. The Serenade has a light and buoyant character and is a timeless masterpiece, a source of inspiration for composers well up to the present day.


Outside Time

New European Ensemble
Christian Karlsen
Carina Vinke

Klas Torstensson Sieben mal sieben world premiere
Benjamin Staern Tranströmer Songs Dutch premiere
Arnold Schönberg Serenade, opus 24
Justin Christensen The Failures of Marsyas (in The Hague only)

Thursday April 11th 2013 | 20:15 |
Amsterdam | Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ
Friday April 12th 2013 | 20:30 | The Hague | Korzo Theater
Saturday April 13th 2013 | 20:15 | Arnhem | Musis Sacrum

Generation Next
February 4, 2013
Generation Next
– Five emerging composers from five countries –
Friday February 15th – Korzo Theater The Hague

The New European Ensemble presents Generation Next. This concert showcases a new generation of up and coming composers with works by five original talents from five different countries. These adventurous young composers are connected through the curiosity with which they explore new sound worlds. Their works however remain highly divergent. Each one of these composers has found an individual style and sound. This program unveils the exciting variety present in today’s new music. All of the pieces will be performed in The Netherlands for the first time with the composers in attendance.


In Membrane Fragmentations, Mirjam Tally from Estonia combines pre-recorded sounds from everyday life with live performance by the ensemble. Reviewers of her work have called it ‘rich in playful contrasts, poetry and humour’. Israeli composer Roi Nachshon’s wArd is a viruoso solo work for bass clarinet and ensemble. The soloist is surrounded by the ensemble members in a spatialized audio/visual set up. The musicians continually explore the acoustic layout of the concert hall by a process of continuous physical movement. A new version of this piece has been specially created for this concert. In Ascetic Discourse, Djuro Zivkovic from Serbia sets a mystic Greek Coptic text to music. His piece is inspired by the chanting traditions he experienced in a Finnish monastery. The Dutch composer Ronald Boersen’s Agnostics and Atheists is a funk inspired piece incorporating live electronics. The composer performs together with the ensemble by skillfully manipulating and processing live sounds with his computer. Argentina’s Ezequiel Menalled explores instrumental tone colour with great refinement in his Music for Chamber Ensemble. All of these pieces were commissioned by the New European Ensemble.

Special Offer
Combination ticket (only € 25,–) for Generation Next and our upcoming concert in Korzo on Friday April 12th with the world premiere of Klas Torstensson’s new commissioned piece. Order combi-tickets here.

NextGeneration_NewEuropeanEnsemble_A5-flyer klein.jpg

Generation Next

New European Ensemble
Christian Karlsen
Carina Vinke
Ryanne Hofman
bass clarinet

Mirjam Tally Estonia – Membrane Fragmentations
Dutch premiere
Roi Nachshon Israel – wArd Dutch premiere new version
Djuro Zivkovic Serbia – Ascetic Discourse Dutch premiere
Ronald Boersen The Netherlands – Agnostics and Atheists Dutch premiere
Ezequiel Menalled Argentina – Music for Chamber Ensemble Dutch premiere

Friday February 15th 2013 | 20:30 | The Hague | Korzo Theater
Tickets € 17,50 | € 14,– (Korzo-pass) | € 10,– (Profpass) |
€ 7,50 (students)
Combination ticket (including our concert on April 12th) € 25,–
For more information and tickets click here

October 26, 2012
VOICES in Stockholm and Gothenburg
- A musical manifesto for Human Rights -
November 9th-12th

"Who calls in the night? Who screams six feet under when no one hears…? Who talks to the dying soldier, who himself has murdered? Who has the strength to carry school children in coffins through the land of war?"
How do you give a voice to those who are without one ? With music, of course! In collaboration with Amnesty International and Swedish human rights organization Teskedsorden we will present Hans Werner Henze’s rarely performed masterpiece Voices as part of a unique musical and visual manifesto for Human Rights. The performances will take place both in Stockholm at the city’s most beautiful concert hall Musikaliska as well as in Gothenburg at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights at the Swedish Congress and Exhibition Centre.
An extensive education programme will bring this amazing work to over 1000 school children in the Stockholm area. As a part of the programme the children will hear a special performance of Voices moderated and narrated by the renowned Swedish actress Lo Kauppi. The children will also experience Amnesty International’s exhibition “Focus on Human Rights” and take part in a lecture/workshop produced by Teskedsorden giving them the opportunity to come into contact with numerous organisations working for Human Rights on many different levels.

Hans Werner Henze - VOICES - 22 songs for alto, tenor
and 17 musicians performing on over 80 instruments
The work will be performed with tailor made photo projections from the collection of Amnesty International

New European Ensemble
Christian Karlsen, conductor
Carina Vinke, alto
Nikola Matišić, tenor

November 9th 2012 | 19:30 | STOCKHOLM | Musikaliska
For more information and tickets click here

November 11th 2012 | 13:30 | GOTHENBURG | Swedish Forum for Human Right, Swedish Congress and Exhibition Centre
For more information click here
The Stockholm concert will be recorded and broadcast by the Swedish Radio
September 10, 2012

 STRANGE NEWS banner_c.jpg

September 3, 2012


STRANGE NEWS banner_c.jpg

In October the New European Ensemble will present the Dutch premiere of the exciting multimedia piece Strange News for actor, ensemble, live video and surround sound.

In Strange News the New European Ensemble will present the story of African child soldiers in theater form. Gripping music by composer Rolf Wallin is combined with fascinating visual imagery by director Josse de Pauw and woven together with live surround sound into a powerful performance. The young Ugandan actor Arthur Kisenyi will take us on a journey of discovery to learn what life is like as one of the world’s 250 000 child soldiers. The program also includes the prize winning virtuoso chamber symphony Bells and Waves by composer-in-residence Benjamin Staern.

Benjamin Staern – Bells and Waves
Rolf Wallin/Josse de Pauw – Strange News

New European Ensemble
Christian Karlsen – Conductor
Arthur Kisenyi – Actor
Rolf Wallin – Live video and surround sound
Josse de Pauw – Stage Director

Thursday, October 4th 20:15
Theater aan het Spui
Spui 187, Den Haag

Tickets 8.50/13.50/15.50/17.00

NEWS | Pierre Boulez programme with Kroumata Ensemble
March 11, 2012

kroumata photo-katarina-widell.jpgOn April 4th and 5th the New European Ensemble will present Pierre Boulez’ seminal work Le Marteau sans maitre ('the hammer without a master'). This modern classic is by many considered to be one of the most important musical works of the 20th century. Boulez was influenced by Indonesian gamelan music as well as Japanese and African traditional music when composing the work.

We are really proud that for this special occasion the Swedish Kroumata Ensemble will make an exclusive appearance in the Netherlands.The San Francisco Chronicle wrote of Kroumata’s performances “you will not hear better percussion playing anywhere”. Christian Karlsen will conduct the collaborating ensembles and alto Carina Vinke will sing the settings in Le Marteau of René Char’s surrealistic poems. The programme will also feature music by the Japanese master Toru Takemitsu and a world première by Canadian composer Graham Flett. 

New European Ensemble | Kroumata Percussion Ensemble
Christian Karlsen, conductor
Carina Vinke, alto 


Graham Flett – New Work (world première)
Toru Takemitsu – Towards the sea
Rolf Wallin – Scratch
Pierre Boulez – Le Marteau sans maître

April 4th 20:30 | AMSTERDAM | Ostadetheater
Tickets €4 | €5 | €6 | €6,50 | €10,50 | €12,50 

April 5th 20:30 | DEN HAAG | Korzo Theater
Tickets €7,50 | €10 | €14 | €17,50

Kaija Saariaho about New European Ensemble!
February 20, 2012
Kaija Saariaho letter NEuE cut.jpg
New European Ensemble welcomes two new members
February 20, 2012

Oboist ChrLars_karlin-cut.jpgistopher Bouwman (Spain/the Netherlands) is principal oboist of Zubin Mehta's and Lorin Maazel's Orquestra de la communitat Valencia, Spain. He has performed widely both as a chamber musicians as well as a soloist with orchestras including the Swedish Radio Orchestra and the Bruckner Orchester Linz. Christopher Bouwman is also second prize winner in the Fernand Gillet international oboe competition.

Trombonist Lars Karlin (Germany/Sweden) is the winner of the 2011 Deutsche Musikwettbewerb in both the solo and ensemble categories. Lars Karlin is today the principal trombonist at the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra in Denmark after previously being member of the Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper, Berlin and the Hannover State Opera. He is also active performing and making arrangements for numerous brass ensembles.

NEWS | New managing director: Onno Ephraim
January 15, 2012

The ensemble is pleased to announce that Onno Ephraim has been appointed managing director of the New European Ensemble. Onno Ephraim has extensive experience as a manager in the performing arts world having worked as a manager for numerous theatre companies and as a tour manager for SENF theatre partners in the Netherlands. We wish Onno good luck in his new position. He joins the ensemble at an exciting time with the ongoing development of numerous exciting projects.

NEWS | Prize for Benjamin Staern's Bells and Waves
November 15, 2011

BenjaminStaern.jpgNew European Ensemble's composer-in-residence Benjamin Staern's chamber symphony "Bells and Waves" was awarded 'the Most significant Contemporary Chamber Work of the Year" during the Swedish Association of Music Publishers' annual award gala. The piece was commissioned by the New European Ensemble and dedicated to it's artistic director and conductor, Christian Karlsen. The premiere took place last year during the White Crow Music Festival in Leiden's amazing Stadsgehoorzaal.

Listen to the live recording of the concert here: 

You can hear Benjamin's speech at the prize ceremony here:

VOTE for New European Ensemble and Joey Roukens!
November 10, 2011

Follow this this link to vote for New European Ensemble's performance of Joey Rouken's amazing new piece Mellow Madman! (he wrote in only 12 hours!)

NEWS | New European Ensemble on Dutch National TV
November 6, 2011

Today the New European Ensemble will be featured on Dutch National Television in the documentary NTR Podium Première! The New European Ensemble's wind section went on a blind date with composer Joey Roukens and together they got the assignment to compose and première a new piece within 12 hours. Watch the results today 13:00 and tomorrow 23:55 on NL2 channel. To view it afterwards follow click here!

October 6, 2011


New European Ensemble has, since it's first project "Schönberg Festival Den Haag" been close to Tomas Transtömer's work. As a part of the Schönberg Festival, NEuE composer in residence Benjamin Staern wrote the first movements of what became one of NEuE's signature pieces, Tranströmer Settings. The complete work was premiered in Västerås Concert Hall and subsequently toured throughout Sweden. The piece was also performed as part of NEuE's residencency at the White Crow Music Festival last November.

Last week Mr. Transtömer agreed to support the New European Ensemble as a member of our Board of Patrons.

We would like to sincerely congratulate Mr. Transtömer on this amazing achievement.

Tranströmer, Staern, Mig, Vinke skuren.bmp

Carina Vinke, Tomas Tranströmer, Benjamin Staern and Christian Karlsen after the concert in Västerås Concert Hall

First Friends of the ensemble
October 3, 2011

The New European Ensemble is pleased to announced the names of the first three friends to join our support programme. We are in the process of updating the site and their will be a special sponsor section for our friends added shortly. Our first three friends are:

Jackie Cunningham
Michale Toner
Jet Schoemaker

Thank you for your support and welcome to the friends program!

New European Ensemble new Friends and Sponsor programme!
October 3, 2011
Become a Friend, Supporter or Benefactor of the New European Ensemble today!
We are pleased to introduce the readers of our newsletter to our new Friends and Sponsor Programme. Our goal is to become a leading ensemble on both a regional and international level by reaching music lovers and winning over new audiences across Europe. You can help us today towards reaching our goals by donating to our organization. We depend on contributions from individuals for our artistic development as well as educational and outreach programs. Your generosity enables us to continue pushing musical boundaries and building musical communities.
  • FRIEND  for €30 a year become a ‘Friend’ of the ensemble. With your permission your name will be added to our friends list on the website. 
  • SUPPORTER  for €70 a year be a ‘Supporter’. With your permission your name will be added to our sponsors list on the website. 
  • BENEFACTOR  if you wish to contribute over €250 a year your name can be added to the opening page of our website as a ‘Benefactor’ of the ensemble. You can also choose to be mentioned in our printed concert programmes.  
  • SPONSOR-A-CHAIR  your sponsorship supports the work of an ensemble musician for an entire season. Get to know the New European Ensemble from inside out by sponsoring a chair or desk in the ensemble.
 - Follow the musical and creative development and experiences of an individual musician by receiving personal communication
- Receive acknowledgements on our website, in concert programmes and publicity materials
- Visit the New European Ensemble during rehearsals
 Your donations will make you eligible for special discount tickets and merchandise which we will inform you about in our newsletter.

We also offer attractive sponsor packages to companies. Besides having your company logo added to our materials you will receive invitations to exclusive private concerts or special receptions hosted by the ensemble for your business contacts. The New European Ensemble is open to any suggestions for strategic business partnerships.
Want to support the New European Ensemble? Send us an email at and we will contact you as soon as we can. 

NEuE has official charity status. Therefore your gift can be tax deductible
COUNTDOWN - Saariaho Festival Den Haag
September 17, 2011

Saariaho Festival den haag bara.jpgPreparations are underway for the Saariaho Festival Den Haag. This is the most large-scale project undertaken by the ensemble to date. The new festival website is up and running at: Check it out! The festival will be packed full of exciting events that you won’t want to miss. More updates on the Saariaho Festival in our next newsletter. Be sure to book tickets for our concerts 'Solar' on October 6th and 'Aurora' on October 7th in the Saariaho Festival!

Friends, Supporters and Benefactors are eligible to receive special €17.50 discount tickets for the concerts 'Solar' and 'Aurora' in the Dr. Anton Philipszaal

Saariaho Festival Den Haag is a collaboration of:
Atrium - Dr Anton Philipszaal - Dag in de Branding - Finnish embassy - Royal Conservatoire - Korzo Theater - New European Ensemble - NJO - The Hague Philharmonic - Theater aan het Spui

NEWS | UK Tour June-July 2011
April 19, 2011

In June and July this year the New European Ensemble will make its first appearances in the United Kingdom. On the Viennese flavoured programme stands Beethoven’s thrilling 4th String Trio in C Minor, Mozart’s Kegelstadt Trio and Arnold Schönberg’s spectacular Suite for Septet Op. 29, where Schönberg lets New Orleans Jazz music meet Viennese expressionism to create a breathtaking experience. The musicians of the New European Ensemble and their conductor Christan Karlsen will perform in Bishops Stortford, Norwich, Great Bricett and in the newly opened concert hall in Bury St. Edmunds. Arnold Schönberg’s Suite will also be recorded for the ensemble’s soon to be released first CD.

Hear us for the first time in the United Kingdom:
30th of June - Hockerill Anglo European College, Bishops Stortford
2nd of July - St Mary and St Laurence Church, Great Bricett
3rd of July - The Assembly House, Norwich
4th of July - The Apex, Bury St. Edmunds

Check out the agenda for more info!

NEWS | Raving reviews for last Moonstruck Intoxication
April 8, 2011

The last performance of our critically acclaimed opera double bill Moonstruck Intoxication was to be seen at the Zwolle International Chamber Opera Festival on the 4th of April. Carina Vinke and actress Ilse Ott appeared for the last time together in Lotte de Beer’s staging of Arnold Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire and Peter Maxwell Davis’ Miss Donnithorne’s Maggot.

Franz R. Stuke wrote  in Opernnetz over Carina Vinke’s performance:

"Carina Vinke singt sowohl die hoffnungslos elegisch rückblickenden Erinnerungen an den mythischen Pierrot als auch die emotional überreizten Reanimations-Versuche einer verlassenen Braut mit kalkulierter Stimmkultur: bewusst gestaltend in den vorgegebenen Exaltationen mit gekonnten Höhen und intensiver „Sprach“-Gestaltung – dabei darstellerisch ausdrucksvoll präsent!

The New European Ensemble and conductor Christian Karlsen where also praised:

Das technisch perfekt aufspielende New European Ensemble vermag es, dem so spröden Klang-Material die immanente Emotionalität zu entlocken; Christian Karlsen leitet das Orchester zu intendiertem durchsichtigen Klang, lässt Raum für die eingreifenden Solo-Instrumente und koordiniert umsichtig die Kommunikation zwischen Musik und Gesang.
Dem jungen Festival im bislang wenig beachteten Zwolle steht nach dieser Erfahrung – und dem weiteren Programm mit avanciertem Musiktheater! - eine verheißungsvolle Zukunft ins Haus!"

We are all happy and grateful that our first opera production has been received so well by both audience and critics!

March 7, 2011

Kaija1.jpg“BEST NEW WORK OF THE YEAR” New York Times
“a rare and rather magical experience.”
Financial Times
“a creation of great beauty and drama” The Independent on Sunday

From October 6th to 8th the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho will visit The Hague. One of the greatest and most internationally renowned composers of our time will join us for a three day festival in which the New European Ensemble, The Hague Philharmonic (Residentie Orkest), the Royal Conservatoire and Dr. Anton Philpszaal will present a portrait festival of Kaija Saariaho’s work.

The New European Ensemble is proud to have initiated this event.

Among the highlights of this festival will be two evening concerts on October 6th and 7th presented by the New European Ensemble in the Dr. Anton Philipszaal, during which we will perform all of Kaija Saariaho’s major works for ensemble. The violinist Peteri Iivonen, 2nd prize winner in the 2010 Sibelius Violin Competition will make his debut in the Netherlands with the New European Ensemble as the soloist in Saariaho’s Violin Concerto. There will be a unique opportunity to meet the composer in post concert conversations with Kaija Saariaho, Christian Karlsen and musicians from the New European Ensemble.

The festival will mark a special collaboration between The Hague’s leading musical institutions with Saturday the 8th of October being a special edition of Dag in de Branding, festival for new music with concerts by The Hague Philharmonic, students and faculty of the Royal Conservatoire and the NJO summer academy. The festival is shaping up to be an exciting event.

Kaija Saariaho will join us at the Dr. Anton Philipszaal in October and we hope that you will too!

NEWS | Gérard Grisey's Vortex Temporum in 'Spectral Landscapes' - 19th of March
March 6, 2011

Grisey.jpgThe New European Ensemble will return to the Dr. Anton Philipszaal in The Hague on March 19th to perform Gerard Grisey’s masterpiece Vortex Temporum as part of our program "Spectral Landscapes". Vortex Temporum is a fascinating study in time, movement and rotation. The work’s unheard of and otherworldly spectral harmonies are guaranteed to send the listener into a trance.

The program pairs this epic work with the world premiere of a new work by the prize winning Canadian composer Justin Christensen who’s interests align closely with those of Gerard Grisey who died tragically young in 1998 at the age of 46.
To kick off the presentation of this fall’s Kaija Saariaho Festival Den Haag we will open the concert with the Dutch premiere of Je sens un deuxième coeur by Kaija Saariaho. The work was inspired by Saariaho’s exploration of the relationship between a mother and her unborn child. The music captures the quality of forces moving in close proximity. Kaija Saariaho’s opera L’amour de Loin was awarded the 2010 Grammy for best opera recording.

"To those of us rooting for classical music to build a thriving future upon its storied history, nothing is more exciting than the introduction of a startling new work. So after a full week of attending concerts and operas in New York...what lingers is the premiere of Kaija Saariaho's "Je Sens un Deuxieme Coeur," a wonderfully strange work for viola, cello and piano that seemed monumental despite lasting only 15 minutes" (New York Times)

Vortex.bmpSpectral Landscapes

New European Ensemble conducted by Christian Karlsen

Saturday March 19th, 2011 | 14:00 (only Grisey)
Noorderkerk, Amsterdam

Saturday March 19th, 2011 | 20:15
Dr. Anton Philipszaal, The Hague 

Click here to order tickets now!

RETROSPECTIVE | White Crow Music Festival
February 15, 2011

As ensemble in residence at the White Crow Music Festival in Leiden we performed 5 concerts over a 4 day period. The ensemble premiered new works by composer in residence Benjamin Staern and Silvia Colasanti. We also presented Reinbert de Leeuw’s new arrangement of Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde. The German magazine Ensemble wrote about the Leiden performances:

“Silvia Colasanti’s Burning a work hovering between jazz and avant-garde performed with excitement and bravado by the New European Ensemble”

“Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire was a theatrical spectacle…the New European Ensemble impressively matched the poem’s different moods… a world class concert experience”

“Wagner..Keuris..Mahler a grand finale”
NEWS | Okke Westdorp new interim managing director
January 26, 2011

Okke.jpgOkke Westdorp has taken on the job of interim managing director for the New European Ensemble as of January 2011. Okke has been a French horn player with The Hague Philharmonic since 2004 and has gained management experience on the orchestra’s musician’s board. He was on the board of the directors for Theater Pierrot and has been a member of the task force for Art, Culture and Media for the political party D66.

We wish Okke good luck in his new position! He joins our team at an exciting time with a myriad of upcoming projects in the works not to mention the numerous challenges confronting a new ensemble in today’s era of austerity measures and funding cuts to the arts. 

Antillian Music at the Writers United Festival
January 21, 2011

Following a succesful appearance at the Antillen Festival in Rotterdam's De Doelen last year, New European Ensemble again joins forces with Randal Corsen Quartet for a concert at the Writers United Literature Festival in the Hague. Come and hear us at 22.00 on Saturday in Theater aan't Spui. For all of you that can't wait, enjoy this little teaser:

VOICES | Documentary
January 19, 2011

Watch a short documentary about our project Voices we did last year in collaboration with Amnesty International.


Justin Christensen wins Jules Leger Prize for the piece The Failures of Marsyas
December 1, 2010

The Canada Council for the Arts announced today that composer Justin Christensen is this year's winner of the most prestious compositional prizes in Canada, the Jules Léger Prize for New Chamber Music, for the work The Failures of Marsyas. The piece for seven instruments, orignally commissioned by New European Ensemble, was premiered as a part of our Schönberg Festival in The Hague 2010. The work was also featured to great public acclaim at all concerts during the ensemble's tour of Sweden this year.

Justin Christensen low resolution CbyRonaldBoersen.jpgOf The Failures of Marsyas the prize committee said: "This is a piece that holds itself beautifully, featuring a fresh use of glissandi, interesting groupings of instruments and a great care in the orchestration. A strong and surprising work, it teases the listener into thinking that things will fall apart."

The New European Ensemble is proud to have been part of intiating this masterwork and would like to congratulate the composer on this major recognition.

To listen to our live performance at the Schönberg Festival 2009 click here!
For more information visit: The Canada Council for the Arts' webpage

We are also very excited that, right now, Justin Christensen is working on a new large scale composition for the ensemble. The premiere is to take place on the 19th of March in The Hague's major concert hall, Dr. Anton Philipszaal. Don't miss the opportunity to be the first one hear a new masterwork!
Click here to reserve your tickets!

NEWS | White Crow Music Festival
October 31, 2010

The New European Ensemble is delighted to be Ensemble in Residence at Leiden’s new White Crow Music Festival at the Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden between November 11th and 14th, 2010.
The ensemble will present a total of 5 programs at the festival. Our resident composer Benjamin Staern will be featured both with the world premiere of his new large scale work Bells and Waves on the festival’s opening concert as well as a performance of his Tranströmersånger.
Our critically acclaimed chamber opera production Moonstruck Intoxication will also be performed.  Ilse Ott and Carina Vinke return to perform Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schönberg and Miss Donnithorne’s Maggot by Peter Maxwell Davies.
For the festival’s closing concert N.Eu.E. will present an ambitious program with 30 musicians and no fewer than 5 solo singers under the direction of Christian Karlsen. The program will include maestro Reinbert de Leeuw’s new arrangement of Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde and Tristan Keuris’ rarely performed masterpiece L’Infinito.

click on our agenda to find out more details!

BenjaminStaern.jpgWCMFL_black logo dålig.jpgSandy picture.jpg

NEWS | Board of Patrons grows
October 31, 2010

images.jpgThe New European Ensemble is very proud to announce that both the world-renowned stage director Peter Sellars and one of Holland’s great conductors and mentors Reinbert de Leeuw have shown their support for our ensemble by joining our board of patrons. 



October 31, 2010

New European Ensemble recently returned from a highly successful tour of Sweden. Besides performances in Gothenburg and Malmö, N.Eu.E. played two sold out concerts in Stockholm and was honored that the great poet Tomas Tranströmer could attend our performance in Västerås. The ensemble also presented several workshops to young music students on the creative process and collaborating with living composers. We also discussed rehearsal techniques and exploring the contemporary repertoire.
The ensemble was proud to present 7 world premieres by some of Europe’s most exciting young composers.  The newspaper VLT from Västerås wrote:

“Drama, intensity, severity power and energy throughout…the sheer power of the clarinets gave the concert’s first piece a thundering intensity,Tranströmer, Staern, Mig, Vinke skuren.bmp like threatening steps in a dark landscape…”

Carina Vinke was the soloist in Benjamin Staern’s expanded Tranströmersånger. Other works included new works for ensemble and electronics by Dutch composer Ronald Boersen and Swedish composer Pär Frid as well as the world premiere of Settimino by Bulgarian composer Velislav Zaimov. Justin Christensen's masterpiece The Failures of Marsyas that we premiered two years ago opened all concerts. Conductor Christian Karlsen lead the ensemble. The ensemble would also like to thank Fredrik Hagstedt and Fabio Monni for their new works.

Photo: singer Carina Vinke, poet Tomas Tranströmer, composer Benjamin Staern and conductor Christian Karlsen, after the concert in Västerås
New European Ensemble tours Sweden 7th-13th of October
September 29, 2010

In October the New European Ensemble will tour a number of Sweden's major cities. Our first performance will be at Västerås Concert Hall with subsequent performances in Stockholm, Gothenburg and at the Connect Festival in Malmö. The concert program presents several of Europe's highly talented  young composers. The varied program is similar to a prism reflecting the young composers' widely divergent backgrounds and compositional styles. The tour will reflect our ensemble's goals of developing new repertoire and introducing young composers to new audiences. 

All of the pieces we will perform have been written for the New European Ensemble and have been composed with the same instrumentation as Arnold Schönberg's Serenade Op. 24. This highly unusual combination of instruments includes voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, guitar, mandolin and string trio. The unusual timbres of this combination of instruments inspired Schönberg to connect various musical styles from traditional dance music to twelve-tone composition. Our ensemble's enjoyment of Schönberg's Serenade and its unique instrumentation has lead us to encourage living composers to write for this instrumental setting.

Five works will receive their world premiere performance during the tour. The ensemble's new composer in residence Benjamin Staern has expanded his song cycle Tranströmersånger, which we originally premiered in the Netherlands in 2009. New works by the young Swedish composer Pär Frid and the young Dutch composer Ronald Boersen will feature live and interactive electronics. Italian composer Fabio Monni and Swedish composer Fredrik Hagstedt have written new vocal works for the ensemble featuring the New European Ensemble's alto Carina Vinke. We will also perform The Failures of Marsyas by Justin Christensen, which was written for our ensemble in 2009. 

Tour dates:

9th of October 14.00 Västerås Konserthus
9th of October 19.30 Capitol Stockholm
10th of October 19.00 FORUM Stockholm (Schönberg Serenade Op. 24)
12th of October 18.00 Röhsska Museet Göteborg
13th of October 19.00 Caroli Kyrka Malmö at the Connect Festival
Workshops for music students will be given in Stockholm and Västerås on the 7th and the 8th.

For more information about the Sweden tour visit the agenda.

Benjamin Staern becomes composer in residence
September 19, 2010

"Magnificent sonorities and Staern's glorious, intense emotionalism are certainlycontagious regardless with whichever ears one listened" (Göteborgsposten)BenjaminStaern.jpg

The New European Ensemble is excited to announce that Benjamin Staern (born 1978) will be the ensemble's first resident composer. The young Swedish composer has already positioned himself as one of the most interesting composers of his generation. Written when the composer was 21 years of age his piece The Threat of War was premiered by the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra and since then his work has been performed by all of the leading orchestras in his native country.
On numerous occasions Benjamin Staern’s work has been performed by major European orchestras, such as the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and the MDR Orchestra Leipzig. In 2008 his tuba concerto Sacrificio opened the Suntory Festival in Japan with a performance by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. Last year his piece Nattens djupa violoncell was performed by the star alto Anna Larsson and the recording of this work won the Swedish Gramophone Award for 'Best Classical Album' of the year. 

Benjamin Staern's tenure as a composer in residence will span three years starting this September. He will work closely with our ensemble's musicians and music director Christian Karlsen. For our upcoming Sweden tour Benjamin Staern has composed an extended version of the song cycle Tranströmersånger originally written for the New European Ensemble and Carina Vinke in 2009. The new version will be premiered at the Västerås Concert Hall. The composer is also working on a new large scale composition for ensemble to be premiered during the New European Ensemble's residency at the White Crow Music Festival Leiden this coming November (more information can be found below). 

We are pleased that Benjamin Staern will be our very first composer in residence and are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with this unusually gifted composer.
To listen to a live performance of Tranströmersånger click on LISTEN in the menu above!

Retrospective - Moonstruck Intoxication
September 19, 2010

After several months of preparation including set building and stage rehearsals the ensemble's first chamber opera production opened on the 19th of August at the Orpheus Theater in Apeldoorn. This was an exciting debut for the new opera company New Opera Amsterdam.
Our first partnership project was received with glowing reviews in the Dutch press:

"world class performance" (De Stentor)

"The New European Ensemble earned high praise. That the ensemble is made up of young top musicians from across Europe was clearly apparent. The sounds, colors and atmospheres that they conjured up were of the highest quality." (Plaçe de l'Opera)

We wish to congratulate New Opera Amsterdam on their successful debut and we are looking forward to upcoming performances of Moonstruck Intoxication. We are also excited about the prospect of a long-term partnership with New Opera Amsterdam. Plans are being made for our next opera production.

pierrot 5.jpeg                        Miss d 7.jpg

N.Eu.E opens the new season with music theatre: MOONSTRUCK INTOXICATION
August 8, 2010

The brand new opera company New Opera Amsterdam and the New European Ensemble will present an exciting music theatre production called Moonstruck Intoxication. In a performance filled with intoxicating madness a tragic clown and a bride jilted at the altar with her rotting wedding cake move the audience between hard, cold reality and the absurd fantasy-world of dreams. The program pushes boundaries theatrically, musically and vocally. The young up and coming production team will explore how suicide, anxiety dreams, hope and love can leave one balancing on the edge of life and death.
The talented young stage director Lotte de Beer will take charge of the staging for this production. She is together with Christian Karlsen co-artistic director of New Opera Amsterdam and learned her craft as Peter Konwitschny's assistant. Stage design will be done by the highly imaginative duo Clement & Sanôu. They are currently also designing a new Monteverdi Orfeo for Pierre Audi. The New European Ensemble will be conducted by music director Christian Karlsen. Alto Carina Vinke will sing the title roles of both Pierrot Lunaire and Miss Donnithorne's Maggot. Actress Ilse Ott will join alto Carina Vinke on stage exploring the depths of both dramatic works.

Hans Werner Henze’s dark and brooding Sonata for Six Players will open the performance followed by Arnold Schönberg’s masterpiece Pierrot Lunaire. Peter Maxwell Davies’ Miss Donnithorne’s Maggot is a perturbing monodrama as well as a virtuoso tour de force with stunning vocal effects. Actor Ilse Ott will join alto Carina Vinke on stage exploring the depths of both dramatic works.

MOONSTRUCK INTOXICATION can be seen in theatres in the Netherlands starting in August 2010:

August 19th, 20:00  |  Apeldoorn, Schouwburg Orpheus   click here for tickets
August 21st, 20:00  |  Nijmegen, LUX   click here for tickets
August 25th, 20:15  |  Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ   click here for tickets
November 12th, 20:00  |  Leiden, Stadsgehoorzaal
April 4th 2011, 20:15  |  Zwolle, Theater Odeon

N.Eu.E's 2010/2011 season announced
August 1, 2010

For the new cultural season the New European Ensemble will present a wide-ranging program varying from large music theatre to intimate chamber music concerts.
This year will open with the new music theatre production ''Moonstruck Intoxication'' in Orfeus, Apeldoorn conducted by music director Christian Karlsen and directed by Ton Lutz award winning Lotte de Beer. Carina Vinke will sing both the title roles in Arnold Schönberg's Pierrot Lunaire and Peter Maxwell Davies' Miss Donnithorne's Maggot. The production will tour the Netherlands during the season with a first stop in Amsterdam's Muziekgebouw aan't IJ on the 25th of August. 
In October the ensemble will tour Sweden's major cities with works specially written for the ensemble by some of today’s most exciting young composers.
N.Eu.E. will also form part of the core programming of the new White Crow Music Festival in Leiden in November. This is Leiden’s first chamber music festival! Artistic director Hanna Shybayeva is of course the N.Eu.E. pianist.

To keep your self updated sign up for our newsletter or check out or agenda!

N.Eu.E's guitarist wins prestigious competition
August 1, 2010

Jacob Kellermann, the New European Ensemble’s guitarist won the prestigious Internationalen Wettbewerb für Kammermusik mit Gitarre in Aschaffenburg, Germany with his violin/guitar duo KeMi. Both Jacob and violinist Daniel Migdal who performed with N.Eu.E. last November in Scandinavian Imagery won three rounds of competition against 20 other ensembles from 17 different countries. The duo has won an international concert tour with performances in Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. A review of their prize-winning performance sighted “Fire, passion and character” and described their playing as “authentic, heartfelt and touching”.

It is with great pride that we congratulate Jacob and Daniel on their success. For more information on Duo KeMi visit their website:

Justin Christensen - Radio Interview
June 25, 2010
Listen to an interview on 'An Hour' with Justin Christensen hosted by Ophir Ilzetzki. The show gives a one hour overview of Justin Christensen's most recent work and the composer discusses some of his interests with a special focus on his exploration of the perception of time in his music. Click here and enjoy.
New European Ensemble opens Antillen Festival in De Doelen, Rotterdam
May 1, 2010
Together with Randal Corsen Quartet and guitarist Marlon Titre, New European Ensemble will open the Antillen Festival in De Doelen (Rotterdam) with a special programme dedicated to legendary guitarist and bass player Julian Coco.

May 7th, 20:15
Willem Burgerzaal
Concert- en congresgebouw De Doelen, Rotterdam

May 16th, 14:00
Tropentheater, Amsterdam
VOICES - postludium
April 1, 2010

After months of hard work preparing for what was to be our largest project to date, we performed Hans Werner Henze's masterpiece Voices on March 13th, 2010 in the Theater aan 't Spui in The Hague. Audience and performers alike were moved by the powerful combination of Henze’s music with incisive visual material and a photo exhibit by Amnesty International focused on human rights. Audience members described the performance as “impressive”, “fantastic” and “deeply moving”. By way of this newsletter we would like to thank everyone who attended. It was a great experience for the ensemble give such a special performance to a full hall! If you were unable to attend Voices last March you will be happy to know that the Voices project will certainly be repeated as part of our future programming so keep an eye on our agenda!

VOICES - Education Project
April 1, 2010

Prior to performing the concert version of Voices at Theater aan ‘t Spui New European Ensemble spent a day at the Haagse Hogeschool (The Hague University) where we presented two special education concerts for youth focused on human rights. The students were dumbfounded when confronted by Amnesty International’s pictures in combination with Hans Werner Henze’s music.
Actor and storyteller Winston Scholsberg led a discussion on subjects ranging from freedom of expression and religion to the right to education.

Henze Voices Promo Video
March 4, 2010
Our promotional Video for our upcoming performance of Hans Werner Henze’s Voices is on Youtube!

New European Ensemble and Amnesty International present ‘Voices’
February 19, 2010
Saturday March 13th 2010, 21.00 Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag Hans Werner Henze - Voices (1973) New European Ensemble conducted by Christian Karlsen Carina Vinke, alto Erik Slik, tenor Photo Exhibit ‘Focus on Human Rights’ and visual material by Amnesty International Voices is an exciting collaborative project in which music and visual art are interwoven with human rights awareness. In his politically charged masterpiece Voices written in 1973, the German composer Hans Werner Henze explores themes of political repression and human rights violations.

The colourful music is a mix of elements from a broad range of styles including folk, classical song form, cabaret and jazz. These elements strive to give a voice to those around the world who are unable to speak freely for themselves. A collection of 70 different instruments from around the world is used in the work with only 17 musicians on hand to play them all. This requires a high degree of virtuosity from the ensemble. Voices contains 22 songs written on texts by writers ranging from Ho Chi Minh, Herberto Padilla and Bertolt Brecht to F.C. Delius and Heinrich Heine. 

The relevance of the piece’s thematic focus to contemporary culture was the reason the New European Ensemble chose to collaborate with Amnesty International on this special project.

During this spectacular performance the New European Ensemble will bring Amnesty’s message on human rights and Henze’s musical communication of this message together.

The photo exhibition ‘Focus on Human Rights’ created by Amnesty International will be shown in the foyer of Theater aan het Spui before the concert. The exhibit is made up of pictures from all parts of the world, made by renowned photographers. The pictures illustrate the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. During the performance these and other first-rate pictures from Amnesty’s collection will be projected.

The concert on March 13th is the final performance of the day for the 15th edition of  ‘Dag in de Branding’ (festival for new music in the Hague).
Amnesty and the New European Ensemble have also created a large-scale educational project for the Haagse Hogeschool to reach youth and inform them about human rights issues.

For more information:
Visit our Agenda for information on purchasing tickets

N.Eu.E in Haagse Muziekdriedaagse: Souvenir de Florence
February 18, 2010
Rada, Emlyn, and Willem, three string players also known as the Ysaÿe Trio from our Ensemble can be heard on Sunday, March 7th at 11:00 in the Nieuwe Kerk in Den Haag as part of the Haagse Muziek Driedaagse. The concert has been given the title “Young Talent - Great Masters” as the three will be joined by violinist Lucian-Leonard Raiciof, violist Vladimir Mendelssohn and cellist Harro Ruijsenaars in performances of Richard Strauss’ Capriccio, and Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir de Florence. For more information and tickets visit the Haagse Muziek Driedaagse website:
N.Eu.E grows to 12 core members!
February 17, 2010
After a very exciting and inspirational week leading up to ‘Scandinavian Imagery’ in which we worked with no less than 13 guest musicians, Double Bass player Szymon Marciniak, Flutist Felicia van den End, and Bassoonist Amy Harman have joined the core of our ensemble increasing our numbers to 12! You can read all about each of our new members on our About page. We look forward to many exciting projects with our new members in the future!
Scandinavian Imagery = Successful debut!
February 16, 2010
N.Eu.E is very happy that our major concert hall debut was such a great success with over 300 audience members adding to the exciting atmosphere in the nearly sold out Nieuwe Kerk in Den Haag. The enthusiastic response of the audience to our Finnish program was inspirational and will certainly lead to a sequel of our Scandinavian adventure in the future! We would like to thank everyone who helped us produce this wonderful event, and all of you who were there for your amazing support!
February 6, 2009 - 20.15
February 6, 2009


Gustav Mahler Piano Quartet
Alfred Schnittke Piano Quartet *
Johannes Brahms Zwei Gesänge Op. 91 for alto, viola and piano
Luigi Dallapiccola Goethe-Lieder
Arnold Schönberg - Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte Op. 41
Arnold Schönberg - Suite Op. 29

Christian Karlsen, conductor
Alexander Oliver, voice
Carina Vinke, alto

Sweelinkzaal, Amsterdam

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